Burns Night might be over for 2023, but rest assured, our love for Scottish food lasts all year long.

Why not try out Chef Neil’s delicious Haggis & Beetroot Wellington recipe below?

Haggis & Beetroot Wellington

Served with baby spinach, leek & grain mustard sauce.


Puff Pastry – rolled 1 square, 20cm x 20cm.

Puff Pastry – for decoration, 1 rectangle, 10cm x 16cm.

Macsween’s Haggis – 200g

Fresh Beetroot – 2 large heads

Egg Yolks – 3

Baby Spinach – 1 Bag

Diced Leek – 1 small leek

Double Cream – 200ml

White Wine – 150ml

Lemon Juice – ½

Wholegrain Mustard – 1tbsp

Blackthorn Salt – 1 pinch


  1. Place the fresh beetroot in a pan with a sprinkle of salt and fill with water. Cook until tender and peel whilst still warm, this will take a while and may require a water top up.
  2. Using a 4cm cutter, cut discs from the two beets. Be sure to keep the trimmings for later on.
  3. Break up the haggis into a bowl on the side.
  4. Lay a double layer of cling film on the table and place the haggis on top. Flatten down your haggis into a tidy, even rectangle.
  5. Place the two discs of cooked beetroot onto your haggis rectangle to create the centre of your wellington cylinder.
  6. Using the cling film, fold the haggis around the beetroot until you have a cylinder shape. Be careful not to trap any stray cling film inside this!
  7. Roll away from you to keep your cylinder firm. Tighten and tie the ends of the cling film around your haggis and beetroot cylinder like a Christmas cracker, before placing in the fridge to chill.
  8. Lay your square of pastry on the table.
  9. Take your haggis cylinder out of the fridge and remove clingfilm before placing it diagonally on the pastry.
  10. Egg wash the inside of your pastry before rolling around your cylinder. Be sure to keep all seams to the underside.
  11. Once your cylinder is fully wrapper, take your rectangular sheet of pastry and cut holes in it (I used a bottle lid!). drape this around the wellington and egg wash the lot, then chill.
  12. Drape your pierced rectangle over the top of your cylindrical wellington and egg wash all.
  13. Using a little oil, sweat the leek on low heat. Add white wine and reduce until almost gone.
  14. Add the double cream and mustard and simmer into a sauce consistency before seasoning with salt and lemon juice – allow to chill for half an hour.
  15. Cook in a preheated oven at 200c for 10 mins before reducing the temperature to 180c for 15-20mins.
  16. Sauté your spinach in a little oil and season. Trim the ends and half the Wellington, arrange on plates with spinach & leek and mustard sauce.

Bon Appetit!

Side Notes:

  • This portion is big enough for two people as a small main or big starter.
  • The wellington itself can be made Vegan with vegetarian MacSween’s haggis, vegan pastry and oat milk in place of egg wash.