It's a Love Thing

On the lead up to Valentine’s Day, we wanted to share some of our favourite Buzzworks love stories with you all!

Meet Erin and Jordan who met over 5 years ago in The Corner House as they welcome their first daughter, Freya into the world!

After a couple of years working together as “good pals” at The Corner House, Jordan finally bucked up the courage to ask Erin out on a date!

5 years on, Erin and Jordan have now welcomed their gorgeous daughter Freya into the world and are looking forward to planning their first ever holiday as a family (…and maybe an engagement ring if you ask Erin!).

From their first Valentine’s Day spent at Lido Troon, every Valentine’s Day since has been celebrated with a nice meal and a bottle of wine.

This year, however, Jordan reckons a quiet night watching Cocomelon and munching on a Dominoes will do just the trick!

Meet Lauren and Euan, our lovely couple from Scotts Port Edgar!

Every Wednesday, Lauren and Euan worked together on the restaurant floor at Scotts Port Edgar where they became good friends until one night enjoying tacos and margaritas in Edinburgh city centre changed all…

Now, over a year later, Lauren and Euan have created loads of great memories, including travelling the North Coast 500 for Lauren’s birthday!

Having also made their way around all our Buzzworks venues for date night, this Valentine’s Day Lauren and Euan will be back to where it all began, celebrating on shift together in Scotts!

However, as Lauren has her eye on the ‘Chocolate Lovers Sharing Plate’ from our Valentine’s menu, we are sure you will spot them dining out very soon for some early celebrations!

Our lovely Chefs Bobby and Emma are due to be married this August and we can’t wait to hear about all the wonderful memories they’ll make on their special day💍🥂

After moving to Ayrshire, Chefs Bobby and Emma joined Buzzworks to be closer to home and we have since had the pleasure of celebrating their recent engagement.

From their first date (when Emma had to recite the menu to Bobby who forgot his glasses), to completing their family with the birth of their third child, Bobby and Emma have been together for 6 years and are due to be married this August.

As Emma is our Chef de Partie at Scotts Troon and Bobby our Head Chef at The Corner House, it’s no surprise that Bobby and Emma love to dine out!

And whilst they are currently making their way around all our Buzzworks venues for breakfast dates, you might just bump into them on Valentine’s morning…

From their first date painting Prestwick red to exploring the New York night life (the trip where David proposed!), David and Georgie are always partying in the coolest bars and will no doubt be celebrating this Valentine’s Day sipping on our Buzzworks ‘Love Potion’.

In the wise words of Howie himself “the only thing better than two cocktails is two cocktails you can mix together to make a third super cocktail!”.

A little over 8 years ago, Georgie covered a shift at Lido Prestwick and, whilst trying to enjoy some quiet time on her break, David burst into the room being as loud and energetic as you could expect a young David to be!

Despite initially believing him to be incredibly irritating, Georgie returned to Lido Prestwick a couple of weeks later and the pair ended up having an instant connection.

Encouraged by his team, David wrote his number on the back of a Bakehouse business card and hid it under Georgie’s teapot when she visited for evening coffee…

You can now find that same card on the back of their ‘save the date’ invites for their wedding this September which we are sure will end up being the party of the year!