Here at Buzzworks, we are proud to support so many fantastic mums no matter where they are on their journey through motherhood. That’s why, this Mother’s Day we would like to celebrate and share the stories of some our hard-working mums.


Meet one of our Scotts Largs Mums, Hedvika!

Hedvika’s favourite thing about being a Mum is the endless cuddles from the sweetest little people she knows. How cute!


Meet Cherie, another of our lovely mums at Scotts Largs!

Over the years, Cherie has loved every second of watching Charlie grow into his own little person and can’t wait to show him even more of the amazing things the world has to offer as he continues to grow.

Meet our mamma of The Mill House, Louise and her lovely daughter, Nola!

As part of Team Mill House for 8 years, we have had the pleasure of watching Louise grow into the fantastic mum she is today. From maternity leave to birthday milestones, it has been a privilege to support Louise as she journeys through Motherhood!

Having worked with Buzzworks for over 7 years, Erin is currently on maternity leave from Lido Prestwick after becoming a new mum to her 6-month-old little diva, Freya

“Becoming a mum has changed how I look at everything…it has its challenges, but when I look down at her wee sleeping face at 3am and she lets out a little snore, I know it’s all worth it! I love her more than anything in the world and can’t wait to watch her grow into her own person”


Meet Dani from Lido Prestwick, wonder mum to her 5 year ‘whirlwind’, Erin…

“From the minute Erin gets up in the morning she has her Dad and I wrapped around her little finger! People never tell you how hard it is being a mum, but that’s because the good most certainly outweighs the bad. Being a mum changes the way you view things and I never truly understood the meaning of unconditional love until I brought my wee Erin into the world. She is loved beyond words – and I am so, so proud to be her mummy!”


Meet our Mums of Scotts Troon

Whether it’s the laughs between Vicky and her boys, Joanna’s morning cuddles, or the quality time between Emma and her son, we wish all of these lovely ladies a very Happy Mother’s Day!


We asked our mums at The Coach House to tell us their favourite thing about being a mum, here’s what they told us…

Pam: Getting to spend every day with my kids thanks to my flexible working allowing me to only work evenings.

Amiee: Being told I’m the best mummy in the world!

Leigh: Making great memories like searching for fairies and hunting for caterpillars!

Deby: Watching my kids grow up to be amazing people.

Meet Buzzworks Super Mum, Fiona

A mum inside and outside of work, over the years Fiona has not only worked alongside 3 of her daughters but also acted as a motherly figure, sharing her wisdom and guidance to many of those in her team.