Celebrating his 16th year at Buzzworks and having worked his way up the ranks from Kitchen Assistant to Head Chef, Jamie shares his expert guide on how to make the perfect steak:

1. The first step to a great steak, is great quality meat from your local butcher or supermarket meat counter.
2. Before you start, be sure to take the fridge chill off your meat by leaving it to stand until room temperature.
3. Seasoning is key! Massage your seasoning of choice into the meat before cooking to create the perfect flavour.
4. Leave your pan on heat until smoking hot, when your pan is ready, add a small amount of oil. When placing your meat in the pan, always place it away from you to avoid splashing yourself with hot oil.
5. Cook the meat to your preference, personally I always have mine rare or medium rare.
6. Once cooked, rest your steak for better texture.
7. Final note: remember each cut is different, some are less forgiving than others and require some trial and error until you master it. A top tip with Sirloin steak is to always place it on the pan fat down to render the fat before eating.

Happy Cooking!